I’m Dariusz, but you can call me Darek (där-ek)

I am an obsessive researcher, writer, reader, and community geek. As a digital anthropologist, communities, their spaces, and how they create and tell stories fascinate me. I studied anthropology at Illinois Wesleyan University and earned my MSc. in Digital Anthropology from University College London.

“But what is digital anthropology?” Glad you asked. Digital anthropologists study how communities inhabit, modify, and create virtual spaces. Now more than ever, valuable communications rely on understanding these (digital) communities structures.

I use my community, content, and communications expertise on a daily basis – and have for the past seven years. My research lets me tell the best possible story to drive community engagement, ROI, and growth.

During my free time, I’ll write about topics that interest me, homebrew beer, and keep up with my other hobbies.

“Our digital lives are just another example of what it means to be human, rather than making us less human.”