Communications & Content

Telling stories that matter at the right time, in the right way

Storytelling is a unique and universal human experience. We all want to hear stories that matter and are entertaining. The best brands don’t just exist, they tell their audiences the stories of their existence. Effective communications and compelling content relies on an understanding of audiences and strategic planning – as is true of any story.

My Approach

It all starts with a “Master Narrative” for an organization. I start by solidifying an organization’s mission, tenets, and core values in writing. From here, I elaborate on target audiences, key messages, competition, and risks. This compiled document serves as a north star for all campaigns going forward – every communication and piece of content must serve the goals and objectives of the Master Narrative. After drafting this strategic document, I work with all stakeholders to finalize it.

Once finalizing the Master Narrative, I begin work on the campaigns that support it. Each campaign also has its own documentation to clearly articulate when, why, and which stories we’re sharing with whom. Every step of the way, I check all strategy and tactics against the research I’ve done on the audiences for which it is intended. This ensures that an organization, its stories, and its audiences are copacetic with one another.

In order to tell these stories, I balance paid, earned, borrowed (social), and owned media. This way, an organization can share its message the most effective and visible way for its audiences.

Communications and Content Examples