Community & Social Media

Developing, maintaining, and aligning communities

As humans, we inherently form communities – it’s in our very nature as social beings. We inhabit every space, virtual and physical, while building our communities there. Anthropologists are particularly well-equipped to research, understand, build, and communicate with these communities.

My Approach

I approach community development and management from an anthropological point of view. The best communities are the ones given the resources to build themselves – with a light touch of guidance and moderation. More than anything, my approach is to participate and observe.

Whether building a community from scratch or inheriting an already existing one, the key to success lies in the ability to identify what is truly important to its members. Whether its an object, an idea, or an activity, the focal points of communities provide valuable insight into the “why” of things. In turn, I employ this insight to grow and strengthen the community.

While various platforms allow various affordances, I focus on the polymedia landscape of community – a blending of multiple platforms as pieces of a wider community.

Social Media and Community Examples