On Work, Life, and the Balance We May Seek

So it’s been a little while since I’ve last posted. As I get settled in my new work, it’s been harder to find time to work on some of my side-projects – be it Wall Brew Co. or ETHNO-ISS. Mind you, I’ve loved my new job. I’ve learned so much already in the short few months I’ve worked there. I’m back in the blockchain technology space and fighting the good fight for it. 

However, the time spent getting settled and spun up on my new position have made me (re)consider what a work/life balance is. After all, this time is formative in negotiating this balance. While there aren’t hard and fast rules this balance it’s important that I set expectations here so that the busiest times aren’t normalized. I’m not seeking a strict 9-to-5, but I’m also not looking to consistently work 10 hour+ days routinely.

This has always been a particularly difficult task for me – one that only gets more challenging during remote work. When physical spaces have ambiguous work and life assignments, it’s even more important to compartmentalize these sanity-saving disambiguations. 

It’s not the easiest task. 

The ability to keep one’s composure while balancing the important things in life is a deeply personal task. While I wish I could offer better advice here, this is something we must all learn and relearn on our own.