Hi, I’m Dariusz R Jakubowski – Storyteller & Digital Anthropologist.

We are our stories.

Stories comprise every moment of our lives, work, and all that’s in-between. Creating, sharing, and consuming stories make us human.

As a digital anthropologist, I’m keenly aware of just how important communicating these stories is both in-person and online. The digital age has changed our stories forever, but it has not made them any less important, authentic, or necessary.

All stories are worth telling, it’s just a matter of what, when, how, and why.

Research & Analysis

Every good storyteller conducts rigorous research to ensure they’re telling valuable stories to the right audiences in the best way. Learn more about my research and analysis process, my experience with researching, and the results of my work.

Communication & Content

All stories, communication, and content need to add value to their audience. Each piece of content should excite audiences and leave them eager for more. Read how I develop strategic communications and craft compelling content that people love to consume.

Community & Social Media

Stories cannot exist in a vacuum – they need a community to hear, read, or interact with them. In this digital world, communities have no borders due to things like social media. Learn about my anthropological expertise in understanding, building, and manage these communities.

Hobbies, Blog, & Thoughts

Seeking and keeping balance is an important part of life – and it makes for great stories. When I’m not working, I’m brewing beer, playing chess, writing, exploring the world, and adventuring with friends. Check out some of the things I do for fun in my free time.